The SCAN study is now available for Pierce County residents. Sign up here for a free, at-home COVID-19 test.

The SCAN Dashboard

The greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) study is a response to the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Since March 23rd, 2020, SCAN has worked in collaboration with Public Health Seattle & King County to deliver and collect at-home COVID-19 tests. The SCAN study is focused on testing people who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and is working to increase testing in underrepresented communities and populations.

The SCAN dashboard provides geographic and demographic information from King County about who is ordering a test kit (individuals, contacts and groups) and may differ from the testing data which includes all final results (positive, negative and inconclusive). Reported positives and positivity rate are a combination of general SCAN enrollment and contact testing results, and are not representative of overall population frequency. There was a pause in testing from May 13th through June 9th, during which time SCAN worked with the FDA to update procedures and certifications. More information on that pause is available here. Data is updated daily, subject to change and may vary across other technical reports due to the specific analyses being performed.

Instructions: Use the tabs on the top to see Kit Distribution and Results and Participant Demographics. Data also can be viewed across different time periods.

Please visit the Public Health Seattle & King County COVID-19 Dashboards for county-wide data. For questions about the SCAN study or the data reported here, please contact For media inquiries, contact